Nano drug system of shogaol for transdermal delivery enhancement

For several decades, plant-based medicinal active compounds were used for novel drug research. Patient compliances and poor pharmacokinetics have hindered the traditional phyto drug research. Discovering a single, efficient bioactive compound from ginger, which possesses anti-inflammatory property with better values, would in turn create a good impact on pursuing a suitable drug delivery mode with an enhanced ratio of bio-availability. Transdermal route of delivery is the one, which is very challenging to attain the good bio-availability of drug that is usually affected by poor absorption before reaching into the circulatory system. The studies focus on the improvement of bio-availability of the bioactive compound through transdermal mode and are substantially improved by nano vesicular system to surpass the barriers like stratum corneum layer of the skin. Enhanced in silico method for the identification of a suitable bioactive compound called Shogaol from ginger plant with effective pharmacokinetics suitable for transdermal delivery was researched. Simple compound extraction procedure was followed to extract Shogaol (drug) from crude ginger and quantified by Folin-Ciocalteau's assay with Gallic acid as standard. The permeation studies for drug and nanovesicle encapsulated drug were performed using in vitro dermal membrane system involving the ear skin of Capra aegagrus hircus. The permeated drug samples were collected, and the absorbance value was measured using UV-Vis Spectrophotometer at 282 nm. The results have concluded that, the vesicular mediated drug release is relatively higher than the traditional drug delivery methods. The ultraflexible or ultradeformable vesicle system was found to be more efficient in delivering a low or high molecular weight, hydrophobic or hydrophilic drugs deep into to the skin with a better entrapment efficiency of 85.7%. Thus, the ratio of bio-availability and transdermal permeation of the Shogaol was substantially increased when compared to the other delivery methods.

NDD; Ultradeformable vesicle; Bioavailability; First-pass effect

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Lakshmi Sudha K, Rampriya S, Baskar V. Nano drug system of shogaol for transdermal delivery enhancement. Journal of Biological and Information Sciences. 2012. 1 (2). 11-16.
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