A changing scenario of food processing technology in India

Food processing is the process of adding value to the agricultural produce by using various techniques like grading, sorting, packaging, etc., which enhances the shelf life of food products. Overall economic set-up of a country would accelerate by a strong and dynamic food processing sector. Furthermore, food processing sector provides vital linkages and synergies between industry and agriculture, and also immediate potential for growth and employment has been identified in this sector. Our Indian food processing sector has experienced expansion during last five decades, starting with a handful of facilities, which were mainly operating at a domestic or cottage level. This article reviews on the changing scenario of Indian food processing industry. The growth, technical improvement, Research and Development, export opportunities and strategies for future growth of food processing industry are briefly dealt in this review article.

Food processing; Staggering facts; Growth; Research and Development; Technology; Export

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Ani Babiyans Roy, Hameedunissa Begum A, Selvakumar K. A changing scenario of food processing technology in India. Journal of Biological and Information Sciences. 2012. 1 (3). 22-25.
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