Chitosan as a nutraceutical

Marine resources have been used for ages because of their abundance and variety of uses. The marine foods are popular from time immemorial because of their variety of colour, flavour, texture, etc. Currently, these wonderful marine resources have extended their applications in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals too with their innumerable benefits. The nutraceuticals from marine resources are becoming popular in the commercial markets nowadays, among the health-conscious consumers. In fact, various risk factors related to health result from imbalancenutrition, and such nutrition-related disorders could be prevented by the food supplements, which are called as nutraceuticals. Research is ongoing in different aspects in the production of nutraceuticals with different marine organisms and their products. Here, this article presents an overview on one such marine compound called chitosan that is the most abundant marine mucopolysaccharide, which could be used as a nutraceutical. The versatile biological properties and biological activities of chitosan are making it to be considered as a potential marine nutraceutical. Moreover, chitosan is incorporated into a wide array of applications as a result of its biopolymer nature and hence, this article reviews elaborately on them besides its chemistry, sources, properties, etc.

Chitosan; Nutraceutical; Fibre; Non toxic; Biocompatible; Shellfish

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