Needleless nano formulation using bioactive smart patches

Skin acts as a port of drug administration to the human body. However, the stratum corneum hinders the passage of drug through the skin layer to the systemic circulation. Transdermal drug delivery has been proved to be a better method than oral supplements and injections. Last century witnessed the development of few successful patches with slight changes in composition, but the modifications have been limited to the refinement of materials. Needleless therapy with nano formulation could be a better tool to resolve the problems associated with normal patches; because of its exuberant characteristics, it would be effective in treating a wide variety of diseases. In this review, it is described about the components of patch, formulations, enhancement techniques, and nanovesicles that would be useful in creating smart patches with better patient compliance and increased drug release characteristics to portrait the needleless therapy for several other diseases.

Transdermal patch; Nanovesicles; Smart patch delivery; Needleless therapy

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Teena Sulaiman, Rivitha P, Gowsalya P, Saranuja G, Yagnarubini K. Needleless nano formulation using bioactive smart patches. Journal of Biological and Information Sciences. 2013. 2 (1). 3-6.
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