Herbs, an alternative to hormone replacement therapy in treating menopause

Women undergo menopause stage as soon as they cross the age of 45 or more, depending upon their hereditary nature and ageing. This is followed by symptoms, such as hot flush, night sweats, mood swings, less interest in sex, etc. In order to treat these malfunctions, women undergo hormone-replacement therapy to supplement the body with the required hormones for proper functioning, but this method seems to have side effects, such as cancer, blood clots, etc., which lead to health altering issues. In alternate to this, herbs, such as soy, black cohosh, ginseng and kava can can also be used to treat menopause effectively through their therapeutic nature. This review article is aimed at discussing about the general drawbacks of hormone-replacement therapy, and the alternative herb based method to treat menopause.

Menopause; Soy; Black cohosh; Ginseng; Kava; Hormone-replacement therapy; Herbs

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Joffini Joseph, Sowmya P, Padmavathy C, Sivakami B. Herbs, an alternative to hormone replacement therapy in treating menopause. Journal of Biological and Information Sciences. 2013. 2 (1). 7-8.
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