Probiotic enabled soybean biofortified idly batter – a review


Many people in developing countries suffer from a dangerous form of hunger known as micronutrient malnutrition. The primary underlying cause for the malnutrition is poor diet, high intake of staple food and low consumption of fish, meat products, and fruits and vegetables which have high bio-availability of minerals and vitamins. Such predominant factors can be neglected from the society by including the biofortified foods. One such food which remains as staple in public sector is the idly batter, which brings traditional essence in the daily breakfast and supplies huge nutrient benefits. It is used as staple food mainly because of its sensory attributes, such as mouth feel, appearance, aroma and taste. This review article will briefly describe about the probiotic enabled biofortified food that captures huge attention in recent times; it often permeates lots of health benefits to the undernutrition people.

Probiotic; Soybean; Biofortified; Idly batter; Malnutrition

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Vinitha SD, Swathy R, Baskar V. Probiotic enabled soybean biofortified idly batter – a review. Journal of Biological and Information Sciences. 2013. 2 (2). 11-12.
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