Removal of erythromycin from simulated effluents

With demand prevailing towards a better cure, people have started to rely on the drugs in various formulations for a better and faster cure. As demanded by the society, industries came up with products and services which fulfilled the need. With many drugs reaching the market, people with huge choices for their cure started using such products and the after effect of the drugs and their exposure became immeasurable. The effect of drug use by people towards the environment is worse. In a view to protect the environment, many measures have been taken to safeguard the people and the society. Many conventional methods are available for effluent treatment, such as adsorption, remediation, purification, etc. This study principally involves the use of sorbents for the removal of erythromycin from water. The results were supporting and have shown a better adsorption rate at pH 5 with drug and adsorbent concentration being 1%.

Effluent treatment; Erythromycin removal; Simulated effluent; Adsorption; Sorbents

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Arpita S, Eeshita G & Vaishali PG. Removal of erythromycin from simulated effluents. Journal of Biological and Information Sciences. 2016. 5 (2). 6-9.
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