World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day
2nd April, 2013 is the 6th world Autism awareness day. It was first declared by the United Nations General Assembly to help and improve the life of children suffering from this disorder. Autism is a disorder that develops commonly in children within the age of three and it lasts throughout the lifetime. Following are the three common features found in children suffering from Autism:
  1. They have difficulty in mingling or forming relationship with their family or surroundings.
  2. They have difficulty in verbal and non-verbal communication, such as gestures, facial expressions, speech, etc.
  3. Children showing unusual way while playing, such as lining up the toys and objects which they use while playing and preferring to play alone.
The actual reason for Autism is not known. Researchers have suggested that, it might occur genetically or due to late development of brain while being in mother's womb or even due to some infections caught after birth. The brain growth of children suffering from Autism would be abnormal. They would also have an inappropriate immune system which may generate antibodies resulting in the attack of brain eventually causing autism.

Treatment for Autism
The main objective of the treatment is to improve the brain function of the children. If the treatment is started at an early stage, there is a possibility of curing it. Following are the treatments for Autism:
  1. The child will have healing activities for 25 h per week.
  2. Intervention of treatment includes communication and interactions through conversations, and training them by gestures will help them to make their brain active.
  3. Psychological treatments will be provided to the children.
  4. Therapies related to applied behaviour analysis and medications will be provided to the children.
Since Autism is the wildest growing disability in children globally, help in spreading the awareness and be a part to bring out the vulnerable children from it at an early stage!!!
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