Summer diseases

Summer diseases
Summer is not only known for sweatiness and hotness, but also it is the season when the diseases occur, which are seen mostly in children and adults. Common diseases that are seen in summer are listed below:
  1. The children and adults who play out under hot sun get skin sores often in summer. It is not much dangerous, but characterised with immense pain.
  2. Tanning of skin occurs, in which the normal colour of the skin gets changed to dark.
  3. Sun tans are caused due to over exposure to sun, which show cracks on the skin. This is seen in common in persons who are pallid. Fungal infections and viral infections are common in summer due to sweatiness.
  4. Some food borne and water borne diseases are also common in summer.
  5. The food and water borne diseases, such as diarrhoea, typhoid, jaundice, cholera and chicken pox are found to be common.
How to overcome these diseases?
  1. Be clean and hygienic.
  2. Bath twice a day.
  3. Wear cotton clothes and comfortable loose clothes.
  4. Intake of water content must be increased by taking fresh fruit juices and tender coconut.
  5. Fibre rich foods are preferred for summer season.
  6. Stick to green vegetables and fresh fruits.
  7. Drink boiled water and avoid spoiled food, as they can cause food poison.
  8. Wash the hands before eating food.
Keep your body cool in this summer to lead a healthy and happy life!!!
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