Water powered clock

Water powered clock
Water powered clock was first invented and released by Bedol International Group Inc. and it was named as "Bedol Water Powered Clocks". These Bedol water powered clocks are of vast types that vary with certain features and innovations involving clean energy powered. Bedol clocks are attractively designed in a way that they do not require any batteries, charging or any chemicals to work, but are fully powered by water. These clocks will solely run with water along with few drops of lemon juice in a non-stop and accurate manner for 12 to 14 weeks. The most interesting part of this clock is that, it has a memory chip, which retains the time for 2 min while refilling it with water when it stops.

How does it work?
This clock is pretty awesome that it works with water through the ions in water that are converted to energy with electrolytic cell concept. It is more eco-friendly, showing positive impact in the environment.

Features of water powered clock
  1. Six different featured clocks have been released so far, such as drop style, round style, squirt, smiley, wink and traveller clocks. Each clock has its own unique features, such as colour, alarm type and style or model.
  2. Calendars are available in the clock.
  3. Time format can be changed to 12 h to 24 h format.
  4. Clocks are made of spill proof technology.
  5. Easy operation using "Set" and "Mode" buttons provided.
  6. Save settings are available through memory chip provided. The time will remain the same until refilling it with water.
  7. These clocks are available in many colours, such as blue, modern white, olive green, bright orange, shadow grey and fun raspberry.
  8. The cost of the clock varies from USD 16 to USD 29 based on the additional features provided in it.
Simply go green and start thinking to produce utilities with renewable resources.
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