Solar Powered Toothbrush

Solar Powered Toothbrush
The recent innovation from Japan scientist, Dr. Yoshinori Nakagawa has created a revolution in dental care by "Soladey-3", a solar powered toothbrush. Soladey-3 is effective in fighting against plaques and cleaning teeth without using toothpaste, but using electrons. This solar powered toothbrush consists of three parts, such as body containing solar panel, neck region with titanium metal rod and the head with bristles, which are replaceable.

How does it work to clear plaques?
  1. Sunlight or any form of light is essential to operate it initially.
  2. When sunlight falls on the solar panel, electrons will be generated. These electrons will pass through a wire and reach titanium oxide semiconductor.
  3. The electrons are transmitted to teeth through water or saliva via titanium oxide semiconductor, which causes the flow of negative ions and removes plaques by weakening the molecular structure by reacting with hydrogen ions and dissolving them.
  4. This reaction cannot be sensed since very low current is generated, but it removes the plaques and makes teeth clean and safe.
Features of Soladey-3
  1. Soladey-3 works with whichever sort of light source available.
  2. These solar powered toothbrushes are clinically proven to be effective than any other toothbrush.
  3. Usage of toothpaste is not necessary.
  4. They help in preventing bleeding gums, plaques, and diseases related to teeth and gum problems.
  5. The bristles are available in four forms, such as regular, superfine, hard and children.
  6. They are available in four shades of colour, such as orange, purple, red and blue.
  7. For a single brush, 4 replaceable bristle heads are provided. These solar powered toothbrushes will last for more than 6 to 10 years.
  8. These toothbrushes are coated with stainless steel and are rust resistant.
  9. They are now available globally. The cost of the "Soladey-3" is USD 42.
The toothpaste which we are using now contains silica and fluoride. The presence of these chemicals and their routine use are now increasing the concern because these chemicals can lead to abrasion of teeth.

Here, an alternate has come to replace the toothpaste using naturally available renewable energy resources. Do utilise the natural resources in a proper way to get benefitted from them.

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