Indian Penal Code 320

Indian Penal Code 320
Indian Penal Code (IPC) is the foremost law of India, which contains several codes; each denotes laws that are related to crime. IPC came into force in the year 1860. IPC contains 511 sections; each section denotes the activities that are considered as crime. This short article will provide the information about the IPC section 320. IPC 320 - this section is for grievous hurt. The law will be imposed on those who do grievous hurt or any action or fight that endangers the life or injures others. There are totally eight hurts mentioned under grievous hurt, such as:
  1. Emasculation - This hurt is limited only to males; they are the one who suffer from this violation. The law is enforced when a person becomes completely impotence or sterile due to some intentional act injuries caused. These injuries may sometimes lead to death of an individual.
  2. Permanent privation of the sight of either eye - If one or both of the eyes are injured completely and not curable, under that circumstances the law will be enforced on the person who caused the injury.
  3. Permanent privation of hearing - If one or both the ears are injured and they are permanently not curable, then the law will be enforced.
  4. Permanent privation of any organ or joint - If any organ or part of the body gets injured and loses to function properly, the law will be enforced and the punishment will depend on the type of the organ got injured.
  5. This injury or hurt is similar to the previous one, which is also related to permanent impairing of the organs or joints.
  6. Permanent disfiguration of head or face - This includes, cutting of nose, ears and severe scratches on face that lead to change in appearance.
  7. Fracture or dislocation of bones or tooth -This includes dislocation of bones or joints replacement or losing of teeth. The law will be enforced and the punishment will be based on the depth of the injury.
  8. Endangers life - Any activity that endangers life of a person through injury or hurt.
These are the 8 grievous hurts, which lead to enforcement of law IPC-320.
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