Science and Technology comparison

Science and Technology comparison
The words "Science" and "Technology" differ from each other. Science is the scheme of gaining knowledge, and Technology is the practical application of the gained knowledge. Many are using these words interchangeably but the fact is that, they cannot be interchanged and they do differ. This short article is a brief discussion on comparison between Science and Technology.

  1. Science drives towards theoretical knowledge; whereas, Technology drives towards practical application of knowledge.
  2. Science is virtual; Technology is realistic.
  3. Science generates theories; Technology creates designs by the application of theories.
  4. Science is focused on natural phenomena; Technology is focused on environmental aspects.
  5. Science development is through "Discovery"; Technology development is through "Invention, Design and Manufacture".
  6. Skills required in Science are experimental and logical; skills required in Technology are decision making, quality assurance, planning, manufacture and innovation.
  7. Good theories and accurate data are the quality of Science; creation of fitting models based on the data drawn is the quality of Technology.
Science and Technology are interlinked but cannot be interchanged!!!

Feel the difference and gain knowledge.
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