How to quit smoking?

How to quit smoking?
Smoking is a habit that is difficult to quit. If you are mentally fit, then you can make a change. Cigarettes contain nicotine content in them, which is an addictive. Due to the addictive nature of cigars, people get attracted so much to them. This article will brief about the activities that help a chain smoker to get rid of it.
  1. Avoid smoking in common places where smokers usually do.
  2. While intending to smoke, wash the hands and face; do not wipe off after washing because wetness will not let the cigarettes lighten up.
  3. While intending to stop smoking, symptoms such as trembling, anger and irritation may occur; this could be subsided by having a deep breath in and out.
  4. Smokers usually eat less as a result of loss of smelling sense. While quitting smoking, they can sense the smell very well. The smokers with full stomach will usually light up the cigarettes, so eat till 70% of the stomach and not full.
  5. While quitting the habit of smoking, one may experience bleeding in the gums and teeth. For this to get reduced, one can gargle with salt water.
  6. Drinking "TehO'aislimau", an acidic drink would help to quit smoke.
  7. Mingling with non-smokers will make oneself not to smoke.
  8. Involving in more activities make oneself boost and think of new thoughts.
Quitting smoking would cause dryness and peeling of skin from lips, for which vaseline could be used twice a day.
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