How to quit drinking alcohol?

How to quit drinking alcohol?
In today's world, people are getting easily addicted to alcohol despite knowing that alcohol is being one of the root causes for numerous diseases.
Alcoholism results by the dependence to it i.e. with the habit of drinking steadily and consistently. One of the major causes is physical dependence but the factors, such as emotion, culture, biology, genetics, etc. also play a part in this.
The pleasurable feelings are one of the reasons why people become addict to it. This addiction could be overcome though it seems to be impossible and a lengthy process. In order to get rid off this deadly habit, one should be ready to follow the following things:
  1. Commitment to stop drinking by assessing the costs and benefits of drinking. This would comprise the ill effects by alcohol in both personal and professional life.
  2. Setting goals and preparing for change. This would include the determination from the concerned person side (alcohol addict) to decide to stop or drink less, avoiding bad influences, getting rid off temptations, etc.
  3. Getting sober safely, which means coming out of alcohol addiction on own or by medical supervision because in few cases quitting of alcohol will result in severe symptoms or sometimes may be life threatening.
  4. Finding a new meaning in life by consuming healthy food, good people around, new interests, continued treatment, etc.
By doing the entire, one could definitely bring in himself/herself a pleasant change in life.
Spread the information to uproot alcoholism; say NO to ALCOHOL!
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