Computer radiation risks

Computer radiation risks
Computer is nowadays being an essential part in everyone's life. Exposure to radiation from computer is also increasing as a result of it and it leads to several health issues. Computer emits electromagnetic radiations (EMF). Over exposure to EMF causes change in behaviour, loss of memory, dehydration, muscle aches, insomnia, stress and fatigue. EMF radiation is also associated with skin disorders, eye irritation and Alzheimer's disease. Laptops emit heat radiation (thermal energy). Prolonged exposure to thermal radiation (like those who are using laptops for hours on their laps) causes big risks, such as decrease in sperm count, which in turn causes fertility issues in males. To overcome from the effects of radiation, use laptops by keeping them over desk, drink water frequently while working in computer, wash face after long use of computers, and drink green tea at time intervals since they have high anti-oxidant content and prevent skin damage.

Keep oneself safe from computer radiation and spread the awareness!!!
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