Photosynthetic sea pods - for future

Photosynthetic sea pods - for future
Global warming is one of the threatening and greatest challenges that exist presently in earth, and it is creating a question mark in the life of human beings. Due to the increase in temperature, the water level of ocean is getting increased which is the result of melting of ice in the polar regions. The scientists have estimated that, the sea level will rise about 9 inches by 2030 and more than 6.6 feet by 2100. To bring a solution for this, the French architecture firm called Sitbon Architectes designed a pod concept for habitable, eco-friendly phytoplanktons farm in the oceans for the existence of human beings inside water. Phytoplanktons are microscopic organisms that form the foundation of aquatic food chain. They exhibit photosynthesis and can produce high population growth called bloom, which expands over several square kilometers in the ocean.
It would be a five storeys and partially-submerged center where human beings could live and grow phytoplanktons, which would reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and release O2. It could serve as an alert system for tsunami too. This project is a finalist in Architizer's 2013 A+ Awards.

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