Brown rice benefits

Brown rice benefits
We usually look for anti-oxidants from green leaves in order to prevent ourselves from cancer and other health risks. We can also extend our interest towards cereals for this purpose. Along with anti-oxidants, certain minerals, such as selenium can also reduce the chances of developing certain forms of cancer and heart problems. Fortunately, we have a food that contains both the anti-oxidants and selenium, and that food is brown rice.
Apart from these anti-oxidants and trace minerals, brown rice is also rich in manganese, fibres, naturally occurring oils, etc. and forms the best diet for our body. With high fibre content, brown rice helps to keep the bowel movement working fine and also increases our metabolism; hence, it forms the best food for weight reduction and weight management. The glycaemic index of brown rice is lower than white rice and is more suitable for the patients who suffer from diabetes.

Try including brown rice in your diet, and make the best use of it.
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