Foods to beat lethargy and build stamina

Foods to beat lethargy and build stamina
To survive in this stressful lifestyle, one must need a lot of energy; especially for sports persons and athletes, stamina is an important parameter. Hence, this short article is constructed to bring information about the foods that build stamina.

Foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates serve the best to provide stamina by activating body and brain. Foods, such as oat meals, which are packed with natural carbohydrates can retain energy for hours and also maintain the blood sugar level. Beans, which are rich in iron content and minerals would help to circulate oxygen to the brain for its active performance. Fibre rich foods generally digest slowly; therefore, foods such as green vegetables, bananas, etc. can be included in the diet. Red grapes, beetroot juice and peanut butter are proved to provide high energy source to beat lethargy and build stamina.

Eat energy rich foods to stay active and healthy!!!
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