How to increase the fertility of agricultural soil?

How to increase the fertility of agricultural soil?
India is the second largest country involved in agriculture. The Indian farmers are facing problems to increase the fertility of soil through fertilizers and other chemicals. In order to reduce those problems, this short article has brought the information about the natural ways to increase the fertility of agricultural soil.

There are four important parameters that have to be considered before cultivating the land, such as sunshine, water, carbon di-oxide and nutrients. Among these, nutrients are the external source that is provided to the crops. Nutrients can be gained and replaced by cultivating different plants in every season instead of the same crop. Before initiating farming in a land, it is good to cut down small area of bush and burning it into ash. This ash will provide essential nutrients to the crops for years. Further, crops, such as yams, kaukau and cassava can be grown in the top soil because they utilise the nutrients from the top soil. Still the nutrients of the deeper soil remain unutilised for which banana plants can be grown, which will utilise the deep soil nutrients. Then again bushes are allowed to grow and the cycle is made to follow for years. This will retain the fertility of soil for so many years and the need of fertilizers and other chemicals will not arise. This is called as fallow cycle.

Use natural ways to improve the soil fertility and let the agriculture prosper!!!
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