Role of phytochemicals in skin ageing

Role of phytochemicals in skin ageing
Normally, plants have primary and secondary metabolites. Phytochemicals are secondary metabolites. These phytochemicals are non-nutritive compounds, which are produced in plants. They have protective function in plants. Many vegetables, fruits and plants have phytochemicals and those phytochemicals are present as carotenoids (in carrots), phenolic compounds (in brassica), alkaloids (in green tea), lycopenes (in tomatoes), organo-sulphur compounds and organo-nitro compounds. The phytochemicals have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. When people consume these phytochemicals, they would be protected and prevented from skin ageing. Phytochemicals can be taken as dietary source as they are more effective when taken through diet.

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