Side effects of using headsets and earphones

Side effects of using headsets and earphones
All are passionate towards music nowadays because listening to music relaxes the mind. For hearing music everyone prefers earphones and headsets. There are many people who use headsets and earphones with high volume, and some headsets are designed in such a way that they are directly inserted into the ear canals. There are many remarkable side effects arising due to the usage of headsets and earphones, such as hearing loss, ear pain, ear infection, etc. Loudness is measured in terms of decibels; persons listening to music with high volume (more than 90 decibels) will in turn loss hearing ability. Earphones and headsets are designed for two ears due to which some people share them among their friends, which will cause ear infections. The ear infection is also due to continuous usage of earphones and headsets that increases the temperature and humidity in the ear canal, which leads to skin abrasion and in turn, increases the growth of bacterial population and introduction of the microbes in the canal skin.

Use earphones and headsets properly to enjoy the music and avoid getting into trouble!!!
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