Seven coloured earth

Seven coloured earth
Nature seems to be awesome from everyone's view. By reading this title anyone may wonder what the seven coloured earth means. Seven coloured earth is a natural phenomenon that occurs in Chamarel village, Mauritius. There, the earth is totally around 7,500 square metres. There are 7 colours in earth, such as blue, green, yellow, brown, red, violet and purple. Chamarel village is found to be an attractive tourist place because of its colourful vision. The amazing part of this seven coloured earth is that, if a person collects all the seven colours sands and mixes them together, the mixture will eventually separate and form a layer of colourful spectrum. Another interesting fact is that, the sand never erodes in any torrential downpour or adverse climatic conditions. The earth is colourful due to the tropical weather conditions and also with the presence of elements, such as aluminium and iron. It is also believed that, the colour is due to the molten volcanic rock cooling effects. Sunrise is the best time to view the coloured earth.

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