Get rid of Chemical cosmetics

Get rid of Chemical cosmetics
Diet plays a major role in maintaining healthy skin and hair irrespective of the gender. If the following list of foods is in a week's diet plan, beautiful skin and shiny hair are guaranteed!
  1. Tomato juice - Helps the skin supple and smooth without any marks.
  2. Cabbage and soybean - Improve complexion and tighten the wrinkled skin.
  3. Carrot - Purifies blood and makes the skin soft.
  4. Beetroot - Gives pinkish touch and nourishes hair for growth.
  5. Pumpkin - Protects cell membranes and promotes cell renewal.
  6. Spinach - Restores the cells damaged by the sun.
  7. Salmon - Gives vibrant, plumper and youthful look.
  8. Pepper mint - Warms and gives fresh look to the skin.
  9. Sweet potato - Fights against skin ageing.
  10. Nuts (such as almonds, walnuts and cashews) - Give smooth skin, healthy hair, bright eyes and strong bones.
There are also certain foods, which should be essentially avoided in order to maintain a healthy glow. These include alcohol, candies, high salt content snacks and white bread that make the skin lose its nourishment and give aged tone.
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