Use drugs effectively to cure

Use drugs effectively to cure
Drugs are effective to produce pharmacological response in the patients. Drugs are presented to cure diseases and not to prevent diseases. Most of the chemicals have failed to prove as drugs with their inherent affective nature on patients because of several factors, such as poor pharmacokinetic property. Most influentially these pharmacokinetic properties can also support the drug in-takers when they have a proper understanding of food and drug interactions, drug liberation status, etc. before consuming the drugs. More number of drugs consumed by the patients without proper knowledge gained either through physician or self can change the drug as affective. Some common factors that can make the drug very effective are sufficient intake of water per serving of every drug and proper intake of foods to increase either the acidic or alkali nature of the stomach. Some common bland foods can be consumed during medication with more intake of water which is certainly to prevent the accumulation of drugs in the renal path that may lead to stone formation.

Some common factors in consideration before taking drugs:
  1. Do not take drugs blindly with self-diagnosis for conditions like aches, burning and fever for which the root cause may not be diagnosed.
  2. Do not take drugs after having any caffeine products.
  3. Do not take drugs on a prolonged manner; consult the physician when the disease condition becomes better.
  4. Take the drugs with sufficient water and have an interval of at least 5 minutes between different drug doses, which can decrease the drug and drug interactions.
  5. Take some bland foods as diet during the drug intake.
  6. Last but not least, have self-awareness and self-belief that the drug will cure your disease.

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