Break the fast

Break the fast
Skipping breakfast has become a trend these days especially among working and college going youngsters. We focus a lot on the significance of doing regular exercise and many of us do, but we neglect the significance of having breakfast. Various metabolic disorders occur as a result of our unhealthy modern life style, among which skipping breakfast acts as one of the factors. Drinking just a small cup of tea, coffee or milk does not compensate a breakfast. Our thinking has become strange; many say that they do not have time for breakfast. Students having afternoon classes also skip breakfast; they sleep late and wake up late and prefer brunch rather than breakfast. It would not be an exaggeration to say that many of the youngsters do not have a word called breakfast in their dictionary. The age old wisdom, “early to bed early to rise” is nowadays considered trivial and also mocked. Getting up early and having regular breakfast is nowadays considered like an old person habit and made fun as well. When we were in school we were completely taken care by our parents and grandparents. They see to that a nice hearty breakfast is served before we leave to school. They force to intake milk and made it interesting by adding healthy flavours and prepared upma or butter toast, etc. This hearty breakfast might have functioned as one of the factors for the positive academic performance knowingly or unknowingly

The centre for disease control report on guidelines for school health programs reports that skipping breakfast causes negative impact on school-aged child’s ability to solve problems effectively. Hungry children are more apathetic; inattentive and disruptive. A report of Appetite journal, August 2010 issue shows that, female college students who skip breakfast consistently have more menstrual irregularities.

Besides, skipping breakfast affects the post-adolescent maturation stage. Skipping breakfast increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. There is an increased risk of hypoglycaemia; symptoms like dizziness and weakness, heart rate increase, etc. arise. While in lure of getting a good figure, girls might skip breakfast. The weight control information network reports that, having breakfast boosts energy and curbs mid-day carvings. Having fasted overnight while sleeping, forgoing breakfast would trigger bad habits and disrupt sugar balance and insulin output.

Missing even one breakfast each week increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by 20% as reported in the American journal of clinical nutrition. Rania mekary, a research associate at Harvard university, school of public health department of nutrition, explains the cause of risk. When we go to bed, the insulin level is flat (that is not too low or not too high). When the fast is not broken in the morning the insulin level drops. When having lunch later in the day, it is more likely to spike and then crash again. This constant flux in insulin level can cause body to build up an insulin resistance causing increased risk of type 2 diabetes. She says, aim to eat within an hour or two after waking up.

It was reported that, skipping breakfast decreases resting heart rate and oral temperature showing decrease in the rate of metabolism due to lower resting oxygen uptake level. Belloc and Breslin have shown that, those who do breakfast almost everyday have slightly but significantly better physical health than skippers. It was also reported that, there is 26% improvement in morning mood swings when changes are made in diet, which includes regular breakfast intake.

Hence, breakfast should not be skipped. Our parents struggle hard to give us a healthy life throughout our school years but we deteriorate our health when we start going to college or start having an independent life far from home. We are much concerned about the metabolic diseases, such as heart attack and diabetes, and focus on yoga, brisk walking, etc. but we neglect the good old habit of having breakfast. A girl wants to have a beautiful figure and skin but she ends up having more hunger pranks leading to unhealthy eating in the mid-day and adds more weight.

It is also important for parents and relatives to observe if the youngsters are skipping breakfast as this might be an indication of initial stages of psychiatric eating disorder called anorexia nervosa. So let us start the day with a hearty and healthy breakfast and end the day with a light dinner. If you are health conscious, you might want to try that instead of skipping breakfast to lose weight. Live life guilt free.
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