Impact of global warming on our earth

Impact of global warming on our earth
Our planet’s environment is constantly changing as a result of rapid modernisation, urbanisation, industrialisation and globalisation. People of this modern era readily welcome these changes owing to their advantages and necessity but are least concerned about the long-term effects that they could pose in the near future on them and their generations to come. The environment change has increased many environmental problems in this planet, and of all the environmental problems, global warming is becoming a threatening one. There are many natural causes of global warming but the current warming is anthropogenic (i.e. created by the human activities), which has disturbed the natural green house with increased emission of green house gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etc. This warming is considerably rising the temperature of our earth’s surface and ocean. The ocean that acts as a huge carbon sink by holding about 50 times as much carbon as the atmosphere has experienced increased thermal stratification, which has caused substantial reduction in the level of phytoplanktons that store CO2. As carbon sink fails, the amount of carbon in the atmosphere increases causing global warming.

In addition, deforestation is another reason for the severity of global warming. The raising warming has the potential to melt polar ice caps, vanish glaciers, raise sea levels, change rainfall and snow patterns causing flash floods, increased droughts, severe storms and excessive snow or desertification, produce killer heat waves, cause forest and wild fires, change plant and animal behaviour and outbreak vector-borne diseases. Few geologists have also suggested that, global warming has link between some catastrophes like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and landslides. It has been researched that, the melting of glaciers reduces massive weight on earth’s crust, which tends the crust to bounce back causing increase seismic activity and pressure lift on magma chambers that feed volcanoes.

Global warming sounds like a massive problem for any individual to take on, but it is really not. Reducing our greenhouse gases emission by replacing bio-energy will definitely make our personal living space more sustainable both in short- and long-term. Further, planting trees, developing sustainable processes based on renewable resources and recycling used or waste products could pave way for tremendous reduction in global warming. Eventually, if every individual practices nature-friendly activities before criticising regional and national actions, the climb of global warming could be definitelty halted.

Go green and stop global warming!

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