The impact of nano products on mankind

The impact of nano products on mankind
The term nano is no more a new technology to us. From the consumers' point of view, the nano-sized technological products have a huge demand and attraction. In every product of our lifestyle, nano is being a part knowingly or unknowingly. The application of nano is rooted in the products, such as textile, sports, cosmetics, bulletproof protective clothing, foods, candles, etc. Although there are many controversies about the toxic effects being generated by nanoparticles, the growth of nanotechnology in the industrial sectors has not stopped. It has touched almost every corner of the world and the properties of nano-entities have added unique characterisation to the nanoparticles. Recent research work shows that, nanotechnology might be able to provide more advantages in detecting and monitoring the particles more precisely and allowing for the simultaneous measurement of multiple parameters, simplified operations and handling, and lowering running costs in comparison to the conventional methods.

Nanotechnology provides benefits in the following areas as:
  • Nanofilters in water purification
  • Nanocoated plates and their products in energy generating systems
  • Nanosystems in the improvisation of medicines
  • Nanorobotics, nanogenerators, etc. in nano-instrumentions

  • Besides, there are some potential areas to be analysed in nanotechnology, such as:
  • The effects of nano-entities towards health improvisations
  • The ecosystem outcome on exposure to nanotechnology
  • The positive and negative effects of nano in the society
  • The prevention practices on risk management

  • It is considered as a boon for the people of the developing countries who lack access to hygiene water, energy source, healthcare and affordable education. We are very near to the world of nanolevel or miniaturised technology where the products or goods will be no longer of big size but small and highly efficient than manual conventional methods. The role of nanotechnology research in India is well developing in comparison to other continents. We are in the seventh position among the top ten countries in applying nanotechnology. The massive growth in nanotechnology is playing a major role in every sector.
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