Perspective of nano drug delivery system in India: Nanopharmaceuticals

Perspective of nano drug delivery system in India: Nanopharmaceuticals
Novel nano drug delivery technologies represent a strategic tool for expanding Indian drug markets as well as Indian health science. According to National Institute of Health, nanotechnology-based products have wide applications in the treatment, diagnosis, monitoring and control of biological systems. In fact, the spectrum application of drug delivery system is changing the scientific landscape of prevention, diagnosis, mitigation and treatment of diseases. In India, various pharmaceutical nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems are prepared by different manufacturers which are termed as nanopharmaceuticals. Some examples of these systems include liposomes, carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, dendrimers, polymeric nanoparticles and metallic nanoparticles. These nanopharmaceuticals have brought about revolutionary changes in drug delivery as well as the total medical service system.

There is a great opportunity to get some novel drug delivery system by utilising nanotechnology because nanopharmaceuticals have some unique applications, such as:
  • Nanopharmaceuticals are potential carriers for incorporation of many biological molecules, such as proteins, DNA, viruses, etc.
  • They provide better targeting to body tissues and sites where the action is required and eliminate side effects and adverse effects.
  • They provide better drug delivery to certain impermeable sites of the body.
  • They can fill the gaps between the structure and function of biomolecules as a result of their small size (surface area to volume ratio), chemistry and distribution.
  • They exhibit better drug permeability from biological membranes and help in the solubilisation of some practically insoluble drugs and solve bio-availability problems of many drugs.
  • They offer an attractive solution for the transformation of biosystems and provide a broad platform in several areas of bioscience.
  • The surface properties of nanopharmaceuticals can be modified for targeted drug delivery, for e.g., small molecules, proteins, peptides and nucleic acids loaded nanoparticles are not recognised by the immune system and efficiently targeted to particular tissue types.
  • Nanopharmaceutical connects biotechnology, nanotechnology and information technology. Therefore, it has many applications in life sciences including the areas of gene therapy, drug delivery, imaging, biomarkers, biosensors and novel drug discovery techniques.
  • On the basis of route of administration, these systems are also helpful in the elimination of the first pass effect of drug delivery system.

  • Various studies have shown that, the nanopharmaceutical therapeutic formulations have several advantages in comparison to conventional as well as novel classic formulations and they include:
  • Improved solubility and dissolution rate
  • Improved local or systemic bio-availability
  • Enhanced dose proportionality
  • Reduced toxicity effect
  • Enhanced targeting capability of drug to the target site
  • Direct release of the loaded drug into blood and to the specific individual cell
  • Suitable to be administered by different routes
  • Shows good stability against enzymatic-cellular, thermal and photo-degradation
  • Shows high biocompatibility relatively
  • Formulation may undergo sterile filtration as a result of decreased particle size

  • On the basis of these facts we can say that nanopharmaceutical provides intelligent and smart drug delivery systems which are expected to emerge as the most important and powerful tool, and as alternate to the conventional dosage form. Novel nano drug delivery systems represent a strategic tool for expanding the drug markets as far as the Indian health science is concerned. The nano drug delivery system can address issues associated with current pharmaceuticals, such as extending product life (line extension) or can add to their performance and acceptability either by increasing efficacy or improving safety and patient compliance. It is expected that, novel nano drug delivery systems can make a significant contribution to Indian pharmaceutical sales.
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