Recent advancement of nanodevices in medicine

Recent advancement of nanodevices in medicine
Nanoimplant is a device used to detect a person’s mind. It is simply a mind-control device. It can be used to identify the terrorists and thieves. Also, it can be used for memory expansion, storing neural signals, thus allowing the learning ability, regulating and correcting the bodily functions, etc.

Nanosensor is yet another device that is used for medicinal purposes. It can be any biological, chemical or surgical material that is used to convey the information about the nanoparticles to the macroscopic world. There are many nanosensor devices, such as:
  • Nanostructures
  • Nanoparticles
  • Nanowires
  • Nanoprobes
  • Nanosystems

  • Nanoparticles in medicines highlight their role in drug delivery and cause an increase in bioavailability. Their hydrophilic nature causes the drugs that are hydrophilic to be targeted to their place exactly thus increasing their bioavailability and enabling a perfect drug delivery. Nanowires are powerful aids in medicines which are ultrasensitive and used for the direct electrical detection of biological and chemical signals. Nanoprobes help in medicines as photodynamic crystals combining the spectral sensitivity and high specificity.

  • Quantum dots are used for imaging any defects in the body; thus, these semiconducting crystals act as biological imaging systems.
  • Nanoparticles are used to detect the plaque build-up
  • Nanoparticle-based imaging agents are found to be useful in the early diagnosis of atherosclerosis
  • Gold nanoparticles are used to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease early.
  • Nano implants enable us to read one’s mind.
  • The biological, electrical, physical, optical and magnetic property of these nanoparticles has many advantages, which can be used in a proper way for perfect purposes.

  • The first and foremost reason would be their cost. Much of the nanomedicines that are available now are not cost-effective. They are not available for the poor as they cannot afford to buy them.
  • Next would be the harmful effects of nanoparticles. Not all nanoparticles can be used by us; even some natural nanoparticles can also be harmful.
  • Finally, these nanomedicines can be misused; they can be used for other purposes except for which they were intended.

  • Nanomedicine can be accepted by the society as long as it stays harmless. It will be totally accepted by the society only if it is proved to be completely beneficial. The nanomedicine is in its first category till now. The nanomedicine is really helpful in the detection and cure of many diseases including cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many others. It also enhances the drug delivery and corrects the bioavailability thus reducing the side effects. As far as nanomedicines are concerned, they are implemented for many other purposes besides medicine.
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