Nanotechnology in drug delivery

Nanotechnology in drug delivery
Nanotechnology is one of the emerging fields of engineering technology, communications, medicine, and drug delivery. What makes it be the hot topic are its features and applications.

When a technology can solve a critical issue in a limited period, everyone would prefer it. Nano possesses the same. The main parameters in nanotechnology include:
  • Dimension of 1-100 nm in diametre
  • Different properties exhibited when emerging as bulk
  • Increased bio-availability
  • Specific target binding capacity
  • Increased but with a definite half-life period

  • Nanoparticles can pass easily through the physiological barriers of the system by diffusion or erosion across the membrane. These particles have little or no effect on the systems of the human. The major factors of the drug delivery involve the following:
  • Solubility of drug
  • Desorption of the surface bound/ adsorbed drug
  • Drug diffusion through the nanoparticle matrix
  • Nanoparticle matrix erosion/degradation and
  • Combination of erosion/diffusion process

  • Nanoparticles are classified into two major categories, such as organic and inorganic. The category organic includes polymers like fullerenes and other nanoparticles while the inorganic includes the metal and metal oxides. The major advantage of a nano-based drug delivery is its feasibility of administration through various routes in the human system. It also involves the incorporation of hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances.

    Although these technologies have been identified, they still need to be researched and understood in order to incorporate into our lifestyle. Also, the history that prevails in India has evidence that these have been identified and implemented in our ancient times. But in the recent times, they have been misinterpreted by people without knowing their actual importance. It is therefore in our hands to unleash the history behind them and make people aware of these particles and with the scientific evidence to make use of this technology to improve the mankind.
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