The easy bulb fixer

The easy bulb fixer
The easy bulb fixer, as the name suggests is an easy, very good and innovative product that has to be given surplus amount of credits. There is no rocket science involved in the designing of this product, but the innovation behind is what makes it noteworthy. This apparently involves very simple mechanisms, such as cycle brake lever, a cable and an adjustable weightless rod to reach the bulb from the ground level. Here, the brake lever is used to hold the bulb while removing it or placing it back in a specifically designed bulb holder. It is then placed in the socket; once it is noted that it is safely fixed, the brake is released and the fixer is moved. A pouch like bag is also placed beneath the holder in order to prevent the bulb from falling down.

This is a project done by an eleventh grade school boy. There is a story behind the development of this product. The boy whose name is A. Gautham Praveen being an arts student in the school discovered his interest in science, which triggered himself and made him come up with this idea recently. With sufficient encouragement from his parents, he took this idea as a draft and went to a science exhibition known as “The Ignite” held from September 27-29, 2013 where it was very much appreciated by the scientists and renowned professors from reputed colleges; many were swayed away by this idea and they demanded him to come up with a real time product. Therefore with a span of four months, he designed this product and developed it with the help of his parents. Again when he appeared for a national level science exhibition, he was showered with appreciations and wishes. Rather than calling it a science exhibit, it could be called as a platform for the people with innovative ideas at the national level, organized by “The National Innovation Foundation”, a governmental organization. After the impartial assessment by a panel of reputed judges of all the projects displayed in the exhibit, his project was selected as one among the top 30 projects in India. And the most prestigious attribution is that, he was the only candidate selected from Tamil Nadu amongst the top 30 candidates.

Soon in the beginning of 2014, to be prompt, on February 19, he was invited to participate in the governmental program held at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. For his extra-ordinary thinking and excellence in developing his product, he was awarded with a shield and a title “Young Scientist” by our very own former president Dr. Avul Pakeer Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. He personally analysed each and every project exhibited there and presented the award to A. Gautham Praveen. Not to forget that, he received an immense support from his school, Sri. Jayendra S. S. G. J. Mat. Hr. Sec. School, especially from the principal Mrs. Usha Raman who was recently awarded with “Kalvi Chemmal” title from the state government of Tamil Nadu for her dedication and hard work, and the correspondent Mrs. Nirmal Ramarathnam. Their support is the best example of how much a school can do for sculpting a student and bringing out the “Out of the box” thinker in him. He has applied for claiming the patent rights to the concerned department, which is under process. Therefore, in the near future, he will be given the rights for his product. He has been interviewed by many regional magazines and media channels. This narration could be brought to an end optimistically with a phrase that, “Necessity is the mother of invention”.
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