Novel breakthrough in cancer treatment

Novel breakthrough in cancer treatment
Cancer is a silent killer that has been claiming the lives of thousands of people each year across the globe, and finding a cure for this has been a major challenge for over many years now. A young mind named Pooja Gupta, a student of the Delhi Public School hailing from New Delhi has brought forward an innovative concept on a therapeutical approach for attacking the tumour cells, which could be a major breakthrough in the field of cancer biology.
She has come up with a possible therapy which proposed the embolisation of blood vessels that supplies the tumour with nanocapsules that have LDHA and NAD+ inhibitors in their cores along with the local administration of 2-DG polymer membranes with an anti-oxidant (catalase) to counter the ‘field effect’ propagated by H2O2. These Trojan Horse nanocapsules would further be taken in avidly by glycolytic fibroblasts and inside the cytosol, which would lead to the enzymatic degradation of the polymer by the release of encapsulated metabolic inhibitors within the fibroblasts and would eventually begin to undergo apoptosis. Consequently, the neoplastic cells metabolically couple with these fibroblasts, which also become energy and resource deficient and in turn lead to cell death.

She was shortlisted in the top five and was invited to demonstrate her innovative concept at the conference venue held at Hyderabad from February 2-4, 2015. Here, her idea was very much appreciated by all the scientists, renowned professors and higher officials from various reputed organisations and many were swayed away by this idea and they guided her to take it on further. The idea was recognised by the BioAsia Young Minds Award 2015 committee as a concept beneficial for the welfare of the human society. She is currently looking forward to send this idea and participate in the upcoming “Google Science Fair 2015” in order to take her innovation to the next level.

This idea could bring totally a new dimension in attacking a tumour cell which in turn could bring amazing changes in the whole cancer curing scenario. This could help save millions of lives in fighting the ever dreadful disease called cancer. Therefore, such young minds and innovators like Pooja Gupta should be encouraged more and helped to work on with their idea and guided to the next level of implementation because we never know whose idea could change the face of the world and in turn benefit the whole society.
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