Disposing waste in a smart way

Disposing waste in a smart way
Rakshanya Sekar, a confident young innovator hailing from Kerala put forth an innovative solution to cope up with the shortcomings of waste disposal and management in our country. This 16 year old person has brought in together a basic working model of a bin which will ensure the primary disposal of waste with the help of an individual who can also be a part of the whole recycling process. The actual model that she has visualised consists of two chambers with outer structures made of high durable metal sheets; among those chambers, one is for food waste disposal while the other is for plastic waste. The food waste chamber collects the dry or wet food thrown away by a passenger into the food outlet and grinds it well with the help of high speed sharp blades. This model chamber is equipped with a sensor to detect the moisture and oil contents in food waste, which in turn automatically turn on a hot air blower and food dehydrator in order to absorb the water and oil content, which will help in dehydrating the food. The oil contents can also be adsorbed with the help of a good oil absorbent material along with wire meshes before being dehydrated and crushed. The crushed food waste is then made into powdered form using high speed motor sharp blades, which is even capable of grinding bones from non-vegetarian food waste. This powdered waste can be collected at various such small food waste units located in different locations and used for further utilities like BIO Manure.

The second chamber of the model is known as plastic waste disposal chamber and as the name signifies, this is the place where plastic waste will be shredded to very small pellets in order to reduce the volume, which in turn will help in increasing the reusability of the plastic. The shredding process is done with help of multi-layered high speed sharp cutter blades arranged horizontally across the chamber. These pellets can be collected by small plastic waste units located in different locations and can be auctioned to manufacturing and infrastructure units for construction of strong and water resistant roads and also help in the making of highly durable furniture.

When Rakshanya demonstrated this innovative concept at BioAsia 2015 conference held at Hyderabad from February 2-4, 2015, she was well appreciated by all the eminents present there and was awarded the Bio Asia Young Minds award 2015. This young mind loves science and wishes to present the same waste management project in many other new upcoming platforms to bring awareness to many more people on this innovative concept.

This concept could change the whole phase of waste management in India in terms of monitoring, handling, treating and recycling solid waste, and implementing this idea could play a very beneficial role in increasing the environmental efficiencies leading to a well-sustained surrounding to live in.
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