Developing own channels for implementing science: A passionate short story

Developing own channels for implementing science: A passionate short story
A young mind, Usha Nandini who entered into the field of biotechnology through her inspirational novelist Robin Cook has come up with a huge step, which could be an advancement towards finding a vaccine for Hepatitis C by tracking different genotypes in various states of India, which may help in monitoring the spread of the disease in near future. The major impediment for the development of a vaccine for Hepatitis C virus is the genetic variability in the genotypes and subtypes of this virus. When considering treatment options, different genotypes require different treatment regimens, which made Usha Nandini feel the necessity of genotyping studies in our country and decided to carry out her research work on the same under Mr. Yashwant Chavan of GeneOmbio Technologies, Pune. Among the various methods of genotyping currently available, she decided to design her own genotyping assay and primers for an efficient amplification of all the HCV genotypes.

This young researcher who has always had an urge to make people aware on the potentiality of biotechnology for a better future has been trying to implement research outcomes and other essential science information through various channels like YouTube, national level conferences and online science events with which she believes that, science could reach the millions around her. Recently, she has been a participant in the Implementation conference of BioLim titled, “Implementing Research for Future India (IRFI) - 2015” where she won the best visionary award for her innovative research work, good presentational skills and her vision in understanding the need for implementation of research. When the same conference, "Implementing Research for Future India" was carried over online as an extended show with a sole purpose of enhancing the opportunities of various young researchers to discuss their research works and concepts further and receive guidance from experts, Usha Nandini very actively shared her insights on her research work and gave valid points for the questions asked by the experts for which she was awarded with the title of “Smart Presenter”. We believe that, her interest towards applying science in society will continue till she reaches a valuable milestone.
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