The need of industrial relationship for an academic & research venture

The need of industrial relationship for an academic & research venture
The article is a compiled short interview with Mr. Madhan Raja, Managing trustee, BioLim Research and Educational trust (BioLim Trust), Chennai. The major focus of the interview was to discuss the importance of BioLim Trust, an academic and research organisation’s relationship with the industrial partners.

Mr. Madhan Raja briefed that, BioLim Trust provides the path for the science graduates to make them meet up the demands of the industries and the society, and make them qualifiable and set their career destination in the field of life science. Life science sets various opportunities and challenging situations for the individuals who aspire to become complete researchers. With a demandful and skilful array of opportunities available predominantly, BioLim Trust helps the graduates in making them reach their destination with their expertise in the field of their interest through skill development training and application-oriented internship. Since more values are being expected from the industrial end, as a responsible academic player, we are stepping towards these kinds of industrial-tie ups to fulfil the demands of most of the learners and to reach our vision of developing fachschule-based learning in India prominently.

He further added, we believe that our mission with the industrial tie-ups is to lead the graduates to reach their real destination in their research pathway. We always believe in joining hands and working as a team to accomplish our mission with all our expertise members through our ever expanding science network.

He explained the present scenario of life science graduates; the graduates tend to master only their academic syllabus and get very less industrial exposure. This makes them underestimate their study field and its related opportunities, and thus forces them to choose other sectors for their survival and career growth. This moves them towards utilising the opportunities prevailing in their study sector in a poor way and also develops a condition to prohibit the development of further newer opportunities in the sector of interest.

As an organisation, our BioLim Trust is trying to bridge the gaps of life science learners to their respective industries. As the first step for this transforming initiative, BioLim Trust is entering in to this kind of industrial relationships. And as the second step, we are planning to implement the academic and research outcomes produced by our learners into the society through these collaborations. These sequels are expected to induce more radical advancements in the learning community shortly. Currently, BioLim Trust has signed the MOUs with the following industries:

  • Biodebug UG, Germany, India
  • Aura Biotechnologies, Chennai, India
  • VS Clinical Research & Hospitals, Chennai, India
  • Rights and Marks, Chennai, India
  • Blue Triangle Innovations, Delhi, India

  • He finally added, we strengthen our vision with our recent industrial tie-ups to make our learners travel to their respective destination and make their innovative values reach the society.
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