For the growth of Indian research sector, we expect change in our mentality and then in system

For the growth of Indian research sector, we expect change in our mentality and then in system
“Indian universities will not figure in global rankings unless there is a structural overhaul of the research system.” – The Indian Express.

Like pointed out in the famous daily, a couple of years back, the research system in India is lacking in certain major areas. But over a decade of analysis, one could understand that the research system of India is being evolved and could reach a better standard in near future, but that time there will be more questions about the utilisation of our efficiency to use the improved research system in a better way.

The facilities and funding for research are substantial needs. However, the mentality and skills of using the facilities and funding in a proper and effective way are the need of the hour.

Whenever we speak about research in India, we have deeper looks into the research performed by the academic faculties and doctoral research fellows. Perhaps we cannot avoid that, as it is forming the major research source for the nation. The speech is more or less focusing on the problems faced by the researchers in both the cases. And most of the times, we stick to the problems related to the process of funding mechanism and research preparation and research performance facilities. Yes, we do need to agree that the research system should evolve in an accelerated way in these areas. Meanwhile, we talk very less about the outcomes of research.

When the efforts of a researcher get full filled? It is when the research is implemented in a process or product form for the betterment of the society or when the findings become substantially useful to other fellow researchers. In order to get fulfilled, in the first case, the research should go into the channel of patenting and in the second case it should be moving in an open access publishing way. We do have an existing system of patenting and publishing. But why we are unable to reach the outcomes of research to the end utilisation point?

It is mostly because the researchers do feel that it is their duty to perform research and to publish or patent (very few) it. It is the point where we need to really consider or reconsider. The mentality of our researchers needs to be strengthened with more vision and responsibilities than any other researchers in the rest of the world. It is our mission that makes us stick to the research and perform it passionately; however, it is our vision that moves research from the research results to its destiny.

When we are not able to patent a research outcome, then we need to question on the novelty, non-obviousness and industrial applicability of the research. When we are not able to get follow up for our research, then we need to question on the demands and global trends that drive our research.

Is research performed only to get the doctorate degree or to improve the performance index of an academician or institution? No, it is not for only that but to improve the standards of our people, our infrastructure, our industrial strength, our productivity, our sustainability, our defence, and the future of our future. Research is to aim higher, higher than ever. Every researcher should work more towards the destiny of the research outcomes. Yes, we do need renovation of the Indian research system, and also we need the renovation of our mentality towards research. When we get both, our growth will be inevitable.
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